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Self publishing can be complicated--we make it easy. We create stand-out, unique book covers, and turn manuscripts into properly formatted and beautiful ebook and print books. We'll make all the files you need for publication. We have 14 years of experience helping authors achieve their dreams. We will make all the files you need for IngramSpark, Barnes & Noble, KDP Print, Kindle, and other eBook retailers. Whether you need a la carte file services, or a more comprehensive package, we are here to help. If you have any questions, please contact us.


We answer all of your questions on the same business day. Twenty-four hour turn around on most projects.


All work is guaranteed. We have been helping authors and self-publishers achieve their goals for nine years. All files are guaranteed to be accepted at IngramSpark, Barnes & Noble, KDP Print, Kindle, and other ebook retailers.

We care

We've been where you are, and know how difficult it can be to learn all of the requirements necessary to publish your books. Just meeting the complicated file requirements alone can feel overwhelming. You're not alone. We want to help, and would love to help you achieve your goals.

Story behind Self-Publishing Nerd: Fourteen years ago, I took the plunge into the self-publishing world, after having had one of my books published by a small, independent press. I discovered it made better economic sense to form my own independent publishing company, Diamond Press, and publish my own books. It was a challenge to learn all of the print and ebook file requirements needed to publish the books. I also quickly discovered that it is impossible to create the PDF/x-1a:2001 files required for print without the correct software. I wanted to help other authors and publishers facing the same dilemma, so I began offering low-cost PDF file conversion services at Diamond Press. ( That business quickly grew into formatting print and ebooks for publication, and I also specialize in helping clients make their covers meet IngramSpark and Barnes & Noble’s difficult file requirements. I have helped hundreds of clients over the years–all of whom have found me either through my website, Diamond Press, or through the book I wrote, Book Formatting for Self-Publishers, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The business has grown so much that I decided to start a team and launch Self-Publishing Nerd so we could offer a more comprehensive listing of services to clients.

I would love to help you achieve your publishing dreams, as well. If you have any questions, or if you’ve encountered any publishing problems, such as files that are being rejected by IngramSpark, please contact me. I would be very happy to take a look at your files and provide you with a plan of action to solve the issues. My goal is to save you time and eliminate all frustration from your publishing process. It is time for you to achieve your publishing dreams today!



"The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it." - Theodore Roosevelt


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"Focus on the core problem your business solves and put out lots of content and enthusiasm and ideas about how to solve that problem." - Laura Fitton


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"Legendary service is one of the criteria that sets one company apart from its competitors. It's the mark of a truly authentic company - you just can't fake caring!"
- Kim Garst


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"It's very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better."
- Jonathan Ive

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Here are a few words from several of our wonderful clients
Emil T. Miller  (Tony)

Emil T. Miller (Tony)

Adventurer, Historian, Wanderer

"I have had Jennette Green and her team's professional assistance on 7 of my books so far. Her help, patience, insight, professionalism, and competence has been exemplary. Her rates are reasonable and I am continuing to use her in all the things she does so well for me."

E.G. Foley

E.G. Foley


“We’ve been self-publishing Middle Grade Fantasy since 2012. We try to do as much of the behind-the-scenes stuff as we can, but we found the formatting specifications for IngramSpark hardcovers confusing and the job required expensive software to get it right—if we could get it right. We almost gave up on the idea of having hardcovers entirely, until we happened to find Jennette. Wow, are we glad we did! Over several months’ time, she worked with us through our backlist and now we have beautiful hardcovers inside and out. She is professional, affordable, friendly, easy to work with, and won’t stop until the job is done right. :) Highly recommended. Thanks, Jennette!”

Kevin O'Connell

Kevin O'Connell


"I consider myself truly fortunate to have this on-going relationship with you, I’ll certainly be back to you as the third volume moves towards finalisation. Not only is your work beautiful, it’s a pleasure to work with you, and your patience is endless! On a more mundane note, your pricing is beyond being extraordinarily fair, considering all the work involved.”

Shayne Silvers

Shayne Silvers

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author

"Jennette has worked with me on every one of my books, and I couldn't have perfected the print formatting without her. She has exceptional customer service and has always delivered ahead of schedule. If you want to take your author business to the next level, Jennette and her crew are your answer."


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