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Stuck in Writer’s Block?

Have a story idea, but no characters? (Or worse, do you find yourself writing the same, stale old characters over and over again?)

Say goodbye to frustration, and also to the time and brainpower it takes to develop memorable, one-of-a-kind characters.

This web app brainstorms for you!

Go from a blank page to one with a fully fleshed out person in seconds.

Quickly create protagonists, supporting characters, or a whole town’s worth of people.

Just choose an individual’s gender and nationality, and then Ultimate Character Generator will create a unique, unforgettable person with the following characteristics:

First and last name (country/nationality specific)
Role in story
Personality with description
Struggles/ Weaknesses
Character Motivation*
Biggest Fear
The Lie Believed
Inner Desire
Deepest Need
Over a septillion unique combinations
And much, much more—87 characteristics, and more on the way!

Create your next favorite character today!

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Ultimate Character Generator

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If you’d like unlimited, fresh new character ideas at your fingertips, then Ultimate Character Generator is what you need.

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