A word from a few of our clients

“Jennette has worked with me on every one of my books, and I couldn’t have perfected the print formatting without her. She has exceptional customer service and has always delivered ahead of schedule. If you want to take your author business to the next level, Jennette and her crew are your answer.”
~ Shayne Silvers, #1 Worldwide Amazon Bestselling Author of the Nate Temple Supernatural Thrillers

“We’ve been self-publishing Middle Grade Fantasy since 2012. We try to do as much of the behind-the-scenes stuff as we can, but we found the formatting specifications for IngramSpark hardcovers confusing and the job required expensive software to get it right—if we could get it right. We almost gave up on the idea of having hardcovers entirely, until we happened to find Jennette. Wow, are we glad we did! Over several months’ time, she worked with us through our backlist and now we have beautiful hardcovers inside and out. She is professional, affordable, friendly, easy to work with, and won’t stop until the job is done right. 🙂 Highly recommended. Thanks, Jennette!”
~ E.G. Foley, Author of The Gryphon Chronicles

“I consider myself truly fortunate to have this on-going relationship with you, I’ll certainly be back to you as the third volume moves towards finalisation. Not only is your work beautiful, it’s a pleasure to work with you, and your patience is endless! On a more mundane note, your pricing is beyond being extraordinarily fair, considering all the work involved.”
~ Kevin O’Connell, Derrynane Books

“Diamond Press has been nothing less than efficient, economical, and professional in formatting our book interiors. Jennette’s meticulous attention to detail makes her services invaluable to publishers!”
~ Dr. Rocco L. Martino, BlueNose Press, Inc.

"Thank you for your excellent work and fast turn around."
~ Bill Bremer, Author of "Kingdom Relationships: Now and Forever" and "Being and Doing: to the Glory of God"

"With a deadline looming, I was just beginning to look around for information about formatting my book for printing by Lightning Source and electronic publishing. I'd heard doing so was easy for some people, and a nightmare for others. My money was on "nightmare." . . . This summer’s issue of Poets & Writers has a feature in which one self-published author describes the process of file conversion as something she’d have had someone else do for her if she had it to do over again. If I divide the amount of money I paid for Jennette’s services by the number of hours I’d have likely spent (in total frustration) to get a usable product, I’m sure I would have “paid myself” less than minimum wage per hour. It’s simply something for which you’re far better off paying for someone’s expertise than trying to do it yourself, especially with the rates Jennette offers and the results she guarantees!”
~ Nathan Carriker, A Silver Ring

“I have had Jennette Green and her team’s professional assistance on 7 of my books so far. Her help, patience, insight, professionalism, and competence has been exemplary. Her rates are reasonable and I am continuing to use her in all the things she does so well for me.”
~ Emil T. Miller (Tony), Books ‘N Sundries

"I just wanted to thank you for all your work and the time you spent helping me get my files ready for LSI. I’m so impressed with you and your work and I will definitely be recommending Diamond Publishing."
~ Wyatt Knapp, Onagocag Publishing Co.

"Jennette very quickly converted my image file into a CMYK-compliant [cover] file for the printer Lightning Source. She provides an economical service for publishers not yet ready to invest in expensive software, and she is highly communicative throughout the process."
~ Grace Bridges, Splashdown Books