We offer professional ebook formatting services which are customized to meet your needs. We will format your ebook into a Kindle .mobi file, and also into an ePub ebook file, perfect for upload to Apple, Barnes & Noble Press (Nook), Kobo, and other online retailers. Free consultation and satisfaction guaranteed! The cost: $100   Includes an initial round of formatting and two revision sessions. You will receive a Kindle .mobi file for KDP, and also an ePub file which can be uploaded to Apple, Barnes & Noble Press, Kobo, and other retailers. Payment via Paypal is due when you are certain you are happy with your file. You do not need an account; Paypal accepts credit cards. * Note: If you would like your book formatted for both print and ebook distribution, let us know in your message. We offer a discount for the combined service. Please ask us about it.