We will place your cover on an IngramSpark or CreateSpace template, and convert it to meet IngramSpark’s 240% ink saturation limits.* Your final file is guaranteed to meet submission requirements. Payment is only due when you are certain you are happy with your file.

1) Please upload your cover (300 dpi) in .tiff, .jpg, or .pdf format.
2) Upload the original IngramSpark or CreateSpace template for your book in PDF format. Here is where to generate your cover template:
The number of pages in the template must match the exact number of pages in your interior book file.
3) If you’d also like to convert your interior book file to PDF/x-1a:2001, upload your book below in generic PDF format (no Word files, please). Be certain your file has an even number of pages.

The cost:

$35 for IngramSpark cover file
$25 for CreateSpace cover file
$ 5 combo price to add an interior book PDF/x-1a:2001 file to your book cover conversion
$20 extra charge if the cover does not fit the template, and custom adjustments must be made.
Payment is via Paypal. You do not need an account; they accept credit cards.

Please submit your files in the form below.

* Please note that applying IngramSpark’s required 240% ink saturation limits to a cover will produce a color change (usually dulled colors). To prevent this from happening, please submit cover files that meet the 240% ink requirements. If this is not possible, please know that we do our very best, using Photoshop adjustments, to keep your image as close to the original colors as possible. We will send you several sample cover covers, with colors adjusted, to choose from, before completing your final file. Satisfaction is guaranteed before payment is due.